You’re An Asshole!!


After a hearty breakfast and Lisa spending $25 for bacon the ladies get down to recording. Right off the top Sam declares that Lisa is an asshole. That's a true friend?! Lisa shares how she's doing on the bumpy road to feeling better. Girl just wants to get back to work! Sam had to share the bad news they didn't win the big Lotto Max $70 million jackpot. Screw the lotto it's time to go back to the casino! Lisa declares no other airline needs to ditch her favorite cookie Biscoff. Come on! The ladies dive in to their banter with cilantro day, pancake tuesday, BJ, HHG and the sleepover kids, dijon ketchup, Burger King, gorillas, Krispy Kreme, favorite cake/pie, Lisa's new fake BFF, the bad guy, Nic Jonas, senior Bachelor, peeps, bad toasters, favorite chinese food, salad season, Rubber Ducky, bowling, McRib candle, Gwenyth Paltro, Friends reunion and Justin Beiber. Sam  reveals that gluttony is the most acceptable sin and we all have something we over indulge in even Lisa! She tries to deny it but her obsession with the food network, Gen Hosp and Merican politics makes her just like us! It's just some ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh! 

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