Yes…I Can Fly!!


 It's another week not recording in Betty but Sam is back from vacation and Lisa is convalescing after minor surgery.  However with a lot of help from John the editor the ladies get down to business! Sam admits to Lisa Sonic was not as great as she was hoping it was. Lisa is disappointed because Sam didn't sample a tiny weenie or a slush puppy. Can't win them all Lisa! Same can be said for the Oscars. Sam made John watch all three hours of it as payback and Lisa got take out Chinese as a 'hey you might not be here tomorrow' supper! Oddly, the ladies find common ground with the Netflix series Cheer. Sam binged watched it with John while the HHG got Lisa hooked on it! Of course Lisa now thinks she could be a cheerleader. Sam is shaking her head at that delusion! The conversation gets flowing as they discuss the HHG, hot dogs, pork & beans, squeezing bread, sauerkraut, Janet Jackson, Eminem, Little Rock, steak vs roast beef, bad reviews, Tim Horton's, age gaps, face tattoos and Burger King. Spring break is coming and well it just doesn't resonate with the ladies. If it isn't  warm outside and your staying home its just days off! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter that might make you laugh! Listen to the end to hear a promo from the Mouse and Weens Podcast!

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