Woe Is Me!!


It is another Monday in quarantine so why not do a Facebook live! Yes, we wrangled John in to helping us again! You know Lisa's hair woes are getting serious when she starts buying root touch up on her weekly car ride! She starts talking about cutting her hair with scotch tape and scissors! Seriously! I start chanting 'cut your hair' because if you can't beat them, join them. Right!? We switch gears for a moment and talk about the Stronger Together concert where Lisa got to see her most favourite person (besides the Queen) Anne Murray! However, Lisa isn't the only one obsessed with hair so is Uma Thurman and Keith Urban. Side note mullets should not make a come back. We segway to Trump and the disinfectant comment, Wendy's nuggets, Kanye West, Krispy Kremes, whipped milk, buttons on pants, Netflix, kitty litter, Pigeon patrol, paninni's, the Royals and kicking socks to the curb! Its just an hour of random chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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