Who Eats Bubblegum?!


We are just two women on a mission to make the most out of a pandemic situation. So we gather our resources and get to laughing! Lisa was granted furlough and got to go outside before the weekend which got me thinking did she sneak a chocolate bar again? She swears she didn't but who knows what is in the bad pocket. Lisa has one day too late news about Cinco De Mayo and Taco Bell. Then asks the burning question, 'what's salsa verde'? I bring up that Amy Shumer has a new TV cooking show with her husband and we both agree it looks like a hot mess! Mike is water gun obsessed, there might be a clean key in my future and Adele looks amazing but we aren't sure if it's okay to say that! Jann Arden is being her best self, hornets invade BC, the Tiger King movie gets Cage and Carol Baskin gets played! There are a plethora of things we talk about and here are just a few, fake tans, pandemic clothes, thrift shops, new Ben and Jerry's ice cream that leads to a whole debate on the merits of bubblegum ice cream! We move on to more serious topics like, tiramisu oreos, chicken parm, Nailed it!, COVID comfort foods, Wendy's, red puzzles, Sydney Crosby, Nike, the dude SnapChat filter, Ellen, Kate Bowler, and Mother's Day! We pontificate about what fictional TV/movie characters make us hate them and the ones we love to hate! It's really just a bunch of ridiculous conversation but it might make the pandemic not seem so bad!

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