Where’s My Weenus?


Is your weenus hot? Well, first it's not what you think (not a penis) and when asked Lisa had to google because she didn't believe the HHG!  John was helping the ladies record and driving him crazy like always! Lisa reassured John that they will still be recording in Betty for special occasions or whatever! In her ongoing delusion Lisa thinks eating Indian food once makes her an expert but the bigger concern is her muffin top. She is obsessed with it and thinks sit ups will help! Sam was not supportive and the phrase 'hell would freeze over first' was said out loud! The ladies debated the scone vs muffin are cousins topic but realized that they are not related at all! Sam wants to know if you listen to the voices in your head, are they reliable? Lisa thinks, maybe not but what about your gut instinct? So many questions! They continue with discussions about Lisa's new fruit cup diet, Christmas in July, Valerie Bertanelli, types of nachos, FB tuesday, national fry day, ditching the bra, obsessing about the lottery, tankini, resigned or re-signed, KD ice cream, Garth Brooks, Lisa's question corner, the billionaire space race, tagging along, let's talk chocolate bars and things Lisa oughta know! The I shake my heads are personal wishes and struggles!! It's a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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