What A Week!


It has been a long week and Lisa tells Sam...snap out of it!! Lisa is getting cozy with her late night door slamming, drug dealing neighbours. Sam confesses to eating large amounts of Pumpkin pie to cope with her week. The ladies recap this weeks TV watching and keep New Amsterdam in the mix! The Americans interrupt Lisa's soap opera for news, she ain't happy and she's a news whore! What happens when your bff calls you at work...you answer!! Sam had a not so stellar week but Lisa lets her know "if I don't think you suck,  you don't"!! The Hyper Hype Girl brings in a new segment "hey world you should know this"! The ladies discuss what they should and are thankful for as Thanksgiving approaches and what's in other peoples cupboards. Yup, just another day in the life of Lisa and Sam!


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