Wanna Track Your Poo?


Here we go again! We are self isolating and the show must go on! Lisa needs to address the elephant in the room, nobody likes Rob Lowe! We don't know if its him or the fact we talked about him! Guys let us know! We acknowledge the passing of Kenny Rodgers and Maggie Griffin. So much has been affected by COVID19 and the Olympics is the latest in a long succession of events being cancelled. The celebrities are getting inventive with Chrissy Teigen swapping banana bread for lettuce! Ellen is calling her celeb friends and Mama June wants back in with her family! Lisa and I launch into new phrases, UTI's, Wendy's sex life, the HHG, COVID baking, fake tans, Starbucks, no news, pjs, wandering Dad, Kelly & Ryan, SPCA, Keith Urban, your favorite burner, Lisa's new food obsession and the dot dot dot! What would we do with out our apps? We realize they do a lot for us and there are some seriously strange ones out there! There are apps that deal with poop but does any one ever really need to track their poo?  It's a bit of ridiculous fun but it might just make you laugh!  

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