Too Many Choices!


Sometimes you can't recreate what once was but in our case...yes you can!! We are back in Betty and after some semi decent pizza we get chit chatting away! Lisa isn't a very good friend because she can't remember what day Sam's birthday is...sheesh! The ladies went out last Friday night and Sam rolled up to a table full of wine and the HHG holding on to her pee. It's strange what that gal can get fixated on. Caroline dropped by and had a long list of questions for Lisa and Sam! They did their best to answer them but sometimes it is  a ‘said it and forget it’ situation! Sad news about Eddie VanHalen and admitted to loving the long haired rockers! SNL was a total bust and Sam was having none of that! Tyra Banks screwed up on DWTS and Anne Heche was a bad loser. Should Trump be getting better meds than everyone else, maybe not. Lisa has a COVID story that has her being put in a closet. WTF! Crayola launches fun sanitizers shaped as crayon containers. Cool! As always, Tuesday's FB does not disappoint and we love how interactive it is!! Lisa is obsessed with anything to do with pickles so they talk about the Utah Pickle Pie, then move on to thirteen flavours of spam, the HHG, Brad Paisley, flu shots, sweet potato snickerdoodles (which has Lisa yearning for simpler cookie times), fireball eggnog, cinnamon spiced coke, 12ft sunflowers, Drew Barrymore, Dolly Parton, The Queen, a new segment called questions Lisa needs to ask, chocolate bar issues, David Letterman and the reboot of the game show The Weakest Link! The ladies play a game of This and That which has them disagreeing on a few of their choices. It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!


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