Tomato Is The New Watermelon


We  already feel like we have been talking forever and we have only just begun! Lisa feels like she got spanked, I know I got schooled, then add a #heybabe to round it out! Lisa was left to her own devices and surprisingly remained intact after driving solo. She has pillow angst and isn't sure how that happened and I keep waking up too early, damn birds!  I came up with a brilliant solution to the daytime soap dilemma, it's a gooder! We are however a bit concerned when we hear the HHG has willingly bought dollar store panties. No!!! Everyone is getting grey haired shamed in this episode as we talk about Kelly Ripa, Lisa, Megan McCain and myself. Lisa is too chicken to dye her own hair and is of course convinced her hair is a different shade of brown. It's not! Our conversation moves to Hollywood Game Night, Friends, Dolly Parton, Bryan Adams, is FB listening, Becky Lynch, mustard rub, DIY pretzel kits, tomatoes are the new watermelon, grilled brie, cookie alert, nacho showdown, penguins, John Krasinski, and adding Von to your last name. We have a bit of fun during the Royal Rumble Quiz but you will have to listen to hear who wins! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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