Tin Man Needs Oil!!


Lisa is feeling pretty proud of herself with all her fancy tech gadgets but Sam is going old school with paper! They mention having a less than spectacular dinner at the  Keg and realize they complain a lot about their food!! Good grief! Lisa and Sam share their thoughts on Kobe Bryant and the Grammys. How come no one told Nick Jonas about the greens in his teeth? Whose face is Tanya Tucker wearing and who was the chick singing with her? So many questions! Lisa starts laying out her plan to get Anne Murray to the Juno's and meet Jann Arden. Sam of course wants nothing to do with it!  Lisa is getting a lot of exercise in using the bike and Sam naturally jumps to how is the bike riding going? Well Sam gets more than she bargained for with references to tin cans and oil! The ladies keep things rolling with talk about peanut butter, naps, Mama June, Mrs. Beiber, 7lb Nutella, son of a Baconator, The Queen, Gunther, Beyonce, Niki Minaj, potted plants, the HHG, Kotex pads and McDonald's. Lisa and Sam might have the big 3 social media apps on their phones but they truly love only one! For Lisa it's twitter all the way and for Sam it's all about instagram! Sorry Facebook! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but might just make you laugh!

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