They Were Canoodling!!


Lisa's observation for the week: why build the new BBQ if you're not going to use it. You know who is using it, those damn pigeons! The pigeons were canoodling under the BBQ cover! Picture the tall man wielding a broom and cursing at the pigeons! Sam is laughing so hard at that mental picture, she's crying! Lisa's co workers are learning a bit too much about her but do help explain why she is getting the toots! Sam apologizes for fake news last week but honestly, still funny fake or not! There is an issue with honey and Lisa realizes it's about her attitude towards it. Sam asks the all important question why do we eat sunflower seeds and does it ever feel like you forgot your underwear? Lisa is in for cave camping which is the opposite of Sam and the HHG. Speaking of our girl, she's got a new part-time job with instacart! The ladies get down to it with discussions about spam email, issues with peach pits, FB Tuesday, Prince Phillips funeral, strawberry rhubarb pie with a twist, saltine crackers, Gen Z'rs, Sharon Osbourne, McDonald's western BBQ burger, favorite cooking utensil usage, microwave gadget, Anne Hathway's french bang, adults in pj's, Lisa's question corner, the verdict, 2 for 1 baby, healthy food, grapefruit sections, Lisa's power walking, hotdog toppings, cabbing across the border, a woodpeckers life expectancy and things Lisa needs to know! The I shake my heads are daily struggles each different but relatable! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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