They Hate Alf?


Things always get weird when Lisa and Sam start off with bad singing. It gets worse when Sam mentions she watched the biopic of Salt n' Pepa over the weekend. If only they were in sync and in tune! Lisa uses big adult swear words to describe the frigid temperatures in Saskatoon while Sam agrees it isn't fair that the kids don't have to go to school but the adults have to go to work! Tuesday's facebook rocked Lisa's world when it became clear no one liked Alf! Her feelings were hurt and claims her heart will never be the same. It's a dark day when Lisa and John bond over their love of Alf. She had hoped that the listeners would hate Sam's favorite Little House on the Prairie more. Nope! They move past this to chat about Lisa's new glasses, Larry King, Fitbit Bitmojis, Lisa's question corner, Neil Diamond, egg salads bad rap, Budweiser, Dan Levy and SNL, Checkers the dog, MyPillow, liquid paper, a new Boom Baby Bakery item, To Tell The truth, The Wall, cleaning, bathrooms, Why did they make that, PBLT, seatbelts, Friends, pickled brussel sprouts, Urban Cowboy, Diana's chef and things Lisa ought to know! The ‘I shake my head’s’ are all about bad toilet paper and nosey TV's! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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