The Pampered Penguin


You know it's going to be a wild episode when we break into song,  one minute in. With the dog days of summer coming to an end that means Sam can go to bed sooner, those are the rules! We speak fondly about Domino's pizza because it tastes like the picture looks! Our girl the Queen is sticking to Windsor Castle because of the COVID. We just want her to be safe! The Tuesday Facebook post was on fire and we thought for sure the waffles would be kicked to the curb but the cinnamon buns were the ones getting tossed out! Sam threatened to DFC on Mondays Facebook post cause she is not feeling the love! Salmonella is on the rise and frankly we have no clue what that means! Lisa has plum bum but wonders what happened to the corn. What's Freshie you ask well apparently Lisa knows all about it! The world is in an uproar because pumpkin spice is back and no one is ready for that! The conversation gets moving with Lisa speaking of her love of General Hospital, the Jays, 1000 Subways, Ragu, Campbells soup, Selena Gomez, Mary's Kitchen, Lemon Blueberry bread, Everything bagels, mini meat loaves, Rachel Roy, Tracey Ellis Ross, Electra and Viola, Lisa's life as a pampered penguin, parenting, sleepover kid, middle names, pumping your arm, egg salad, neck gaiters, Wilson Bickford, Truth or Dab, Bruce Springsteen and Blackberry phones are back! It's the listener's choice so we picked three fun topics from you guys! We learn Lisa is weird about toothbrushes and one of us recycles better than the other! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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