The Merican


Lisa and Sam are boycotting Denny's again and its over pie of course!  Mike bought Lisa a Fitbit but she reveals it's all a bunch of lies!  The ladies went out to celebrate the HHG's 50th birthday and it was a blast...she even managed to guide Lisa into finding new glasses!  They did learn that Costco is not the place to buy glasses but it has other redeeming qualities, food sampling being Lisa's favorite!  Lisa and Sam talk turkey pranks, wee franks and Christmas angst! They have a special guest pop in, Jessica Kupferman from She Podcasts and Brilliant Observations...she is their resident Merican! The ladies want to know about her about  worst Thanksgiving, family traditions and wonder what is up with sweet potatoes! Everyone tackles a few Thanksgiving themed Would You Rathers and have a blast! It's a roaring good time and the I Shake My Head's are pretty good too!


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