The Boys Are Back!


Well no bikes were ridden but turkey was ate by some. The ladies start off talking turkey and wish their American friends a happy Thanksgiving! Lisa divulges a guilty pleasure for her and Mike, it's not what you think!  Sam grosses out Lisa by admitting to liking eggnog. Lisa has rage over fall TV finales, old men and younger women but they both love Dolly Parton, Tina Turner and Cher.  The conversation keeps rolling with talk of monkey bread, holiday popcorn, ugly sweaters, bad pillows, cats socks, the Green Giant, Taco Bell, Vicks Vapo showers and Mr. Dress Up! In celebration of Movember the ladies bring us up to speed on how Steve, John and Ricky Bobby are doing. Steve and John are doing great but Ricky Bobby is in a mess of trouble! It's just some ridiculous chatter but it might make you laugh!  

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