Thank God For Rob Lowe!!


 It's a weird world out there but the one constant is Lisa and Sam recording no matter what with John's help of course!  Lisa has been in self- isolation for so long Sam wants her to write a book! They talk about store closures due to COVID-19 and wonder what shenanigans you can get in to bored at home. Lisa's gal the Queen is practicing social distancing but getting some flack for it. She's 94 years old for heaven's sake! Gloria Gaynor's hand washing video gives the ladies a chuckle while the greediness of others leaves them shaking their heads. Lisa fan girls over Jann Arden's FB concert which she believes was just for her Sam has to bring her back down to reality and tell her everyone saw it. The ladies keep the chatter flowing as they discuss the Gibson preparedness, the HHG, stupid people, Joe Biden, sign language interpreters, why a dozen, beans with toast, foods you never eat, chinese or pizza, Taco bell, the addition of the FFE, Cadbury Creme donuts, butter tarts and Spring coats. Sam has been binge watching Rob Lowe shows and admits that he has gotten her through some dark times and Lisa feels the same way!  Thank god for Rob Lowe! There is some quick talk of weird street signs and Lisa wonders who's behind those decisions. It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh! 

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