Silent But Deadly


We all know Lisa over shares but did we need to know that she has the SBD's? Yes, she confesses that her most recent hot lips addiction is causing a gassy issue and they are silent but deadly!! Sam asks if she toots at work and Lisa exclaims, I'm not a monster! Her daily mantra is 'don't toot in public'. I think we should feel sorry for Mike! Sam moves on to what the world is talking about, Prince Philip's passing. Lisa is heart broken and shares that Mike broke the news to her that morning a bit harshly, 'I heard the old guy from the UK died'. Ouch!! Sam shares that apparently John and the Merican's didn't realize the Queen lost a husband and a cousin. Old news for those in the know! Big weekend for Lisa with WrestleMania but no special snacks. The ladies discuss Amy Poehler's doppelganger squirting vaginal fluid to escape the clutches of the law! They get men who can easily squirt fluid but women? Sam references the movie American Pie and Lisa feels she has led a sheltered life. They hope Amy P. was able to clear up the confusion. The conversation takes a turn with talk of singing vaginas, FB clothing purchases, online ordering, lazy melons, FB Tuesday, Karen Sokal reached out, new HHG phrase, Luke Bryan, the short debate, the woodpecker, missing Big Chicken, pineapple, nighttime routines, ER reuniting, banana splits, Lisa's question corner, eater of toast, Pedal Pub, BF challenge, your 16 year old self, peanuts, human composting, The Rock for President, Harry news, the pretty shag and what Lisa oughta know! They end with some weird and kind of insightful I shake my heads! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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