She’s No Angel!


It's us again! Lisa feels a fight coming on due to unsettled weather! Sam shares her new drink of the summer, the Orange Julius Sparkler. Sam is the only one excited about it apparently. Lisa has to bring up my narly COVID toes! We don't agree on much but Mom baking for our upcoming lake excursion is one of them! Lisa had a fun night out with the HHG and we wish her Mom a speedy recovery! Our FB group got into the sandwiches they couldn't live without. The response was great and we discussed a few of the more interesting ones. Lisa smells a competition in the making for the lake! We talk about if a hotdog is a sandwich and honestly no it isn't. Lisa thinks she is a sandwich artist. New calling? We come to the aid of our girl Marci from the Social. She is getting picked on again and frankly we don't understand why. We realize our country is struggling and we hope that we get our shit together. We dig into a whole host of topics like Ben Mulroney, Jimmy Kimmel, Donald Jr., Tina Fey, cake cooking shows, competitive eating, biking, Prince William and the kids, Michael Keaton, where's Geraldo, favorite sitcom dad, Naked & Afraid, BBQ competition, balcony update, bad lunch, Guy Ferri, Bubba Wallace, Leo DiCaprio, Sweet Sixteen candy, Burger King, Jimmy Fallon and the fate of Kurt Cobain's guitar. Lisa doesn't understand the topic Sam picked except that karma is a bitch! Sam gives a few examples which help her a bit and you know she loves a chance to school her! As we discuss my ISMH Lisa and I realize we are the classic story of good being friends with evil! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!


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