She’s Good!!


Sam confesses that she is a hot tomato and not in a good way! Lisa asks hot inside not outside? Ah, the fun of being injured. Sam has a new non paying job idea...virtual audience member. Friends of the podcast what show should Sam try to get on? Lisa was a big puddle of tears as watched New Amsterdam and This is Us. Good grief! Sam was more interested in the big fake cooking competition Lisa was in over the weekend. You gotta listen just to hear what happened to throw a wrench into her plans! Lisa has found a new calling as a part time delivery driver, they both agree nobody does the chicken sandwich quite like Popeyes, Mike doesn't like ABBA, would you use a hepa filter umbrella, bad behaviours that are good for you and FB Tuesday fun! Lisa wonders if the world needs more Brownies? It's a good thing they called in a real Chef to answer that question! Yes, it's none other than Chef Janie Oliver, culinary sorceress!! She dropped by to have a wee chat with the ladies! Lisa and Sam ask some odd questions and Janie makes a big announcement! They play a game of this or that, Sam quizzes the chefs and some fun would you rather’s. Sam asks one final which reveals what Janie would never cook again! The ladies of course make Janie a squad member for life!! She’s hilarious!! There was a bit more chatter after as they talked about Martha Stewart, the Biebs, snow mold, new BBQ's, baseball, a coffee crisp, Sister Wive's, March madness, raspberry vinaigrette, Jill Duggar and bunnies as comfort animals?! They end as usual with some quirky I shake my heads. It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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