She Reads To Me


It's a momentous occasion, Lisa has found a book to read/listen to! Laurie Gelman is personally reading(via an audiobook) to Lisa her book Yoga Pant Nation. Even better, she got Laurie to agree to come on our podcast! What!! So crazy!! Sam is sad over Wendy being on summer hiatus and Lisa can't get behind cauliflower being called a steak. There was nothing steak like about it! Lisa is 100% confident she can ride a bull after watching the Calgary stampede bull riding competition all weekend. Sam slams Lisa back to reality and squashes her dreams of one day riding a bull.There will be no heel, toe and arm up for her! Sam wonders why Bezos' rocket needed to look exactly like a penis. Come on! Lisa was told to walk faster to help her heart but she is a wee bit clumsy sometimes. The ladies discuss a new fall item for the Boom Baby Bakery a beef dip with oh fall au jus, diet hacks, Victoria secret, an I did not read that, lunch with Anne, Haley Sims, FB tuesday, the HHG's lunch pic and botox, work wear, Prince Harry, Kit Kat, Shannon Cox, Lisa's question corner, Duggar baby, vaccine passport, Vicks Vapo rub, new Oreos, bundt pan meatloaf, neutrogena sunscreen and things Lisa oughta know! The I shake my heads are all about childhood snacks and crazy drivers! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh

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