Secrets Second Cousin?


We needed space so we decided to record apart that a secret or a lie? You won't find out unless you listen to the podcast. Sa. confesses that she needed a vacation from her vacation and Lisa finally admits she burnt her feet because she can't hide the fact they are peeling! Lisa tries to invent a new phrase but frankly it isn't working. Lisa asks if Sam is watching the Hallmark Christmas movies and she must confess, she is!! The Boom Baby bakery is carrying christmas cookies to join in the fun! Lisa is more interested in the wine the Hallmark channel is launching in support of their movies, of course. Will we hear about a wine drinking game in the near future? Sam got a kick out of John's FB post about choosing between these 3 dead guys and the McRib. Guess what Lisa picked? Jimmy Fallon is back in the studio and this somehow leads us to not talking about Merica. General Hospital is back writing new episodes which makes Sam question if this is a good idea? Lisa gets up in arms and insists never to question this decision. We were shocked to hear about Kelly Preston, Naya Rivera and Benjamin Presley. However, the Blue Jays are back, back again!! Lisa is predicting a good year for the birds! Jann Arden interviewed Anne Murray on her podcast and yes Lisa listened to it already! We are on a roll as we talk about Lisa not having food in the house, Happy Days, Disney World, the secret is the cousin of the lie, french fries, National Fry Day, DWTS, Live Aid, the Queen, hair supplies, the babysitter, Bill Nye, Mighty Site, Tiger tail Twinkies, cakes shaped as crocs and toilet paper, Demi Moore, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. We share a story from Barry Sr. and this prompts us to ponder what three things would we take if our house was on fire. Lisa isn't leaving without her Doulton and Sam don't leave anyone behind even if they are already ashes! It's a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!


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