Say That Again?


Lisa and Sam have become the ladies who anyways! With their bellies full they settle in Betty and get down to recording. Sam's had a bit of a week with her jaw and sinuses while Lisa reveals a new cooking twist! The weather has gotten colder so coats, phone gloves and electric car blankets are top of mind. Lisa wants to know when we got so lazy, how come everyone is so up in arms over the time change and can new furniture make less dust? This gets the ladies talking about the Riders, horseradish, the lazy scrubber, vegan shoes, new and old Christmas songs, Baby Spice, The Carpenters, Sweet Potato pie, Tim's donuts and Schnitzel! Some teens would say our podcast is so Gucci! Yup, that's teen slang for cool! So many words so little time to decipher them and Lisa even reached out to her millennial friend for help. We hope you think our podcast is Lit!

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