Ricky, Stop That!


It's been a hectic week for Lisa and Sam but they made time for a special guest...the HHG!! Yup, she is in Betty for the whole hour! Things get heated when Sam outs Lisa about Sheilas beets! Lisa can't lie she threw out the jars. What! She is still harping about Walmart bananas and now their milk! Tide has a new look for their detergent and Lisa warns the HHG to make sure she gets her wine from the right box! The ladies discuss Dasani water, machines that make cocktails, Joe Louis's and flavored candy canes. Lisa has a bee in her bonnet about donuts and wonders why all the Tims can't have the same ones, especially sprinkle donuts! She schools Sam and the HHG about the most popular ones and throws in some fun facts too! In support of Movember their inner dudes come back and they have a new member of their squad Ricky Bobby (aka the HHG). We catch up with Steve and John and find out they have become Ricky's Big Brother! Hilarity ensues with the ladies or should we say dudes!!


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