Reboot Episode 150 | You Don’t Know Squat!


It's been a lonely week for Sam. Lisa is still recovering from her surgery in Ottawa. So no new podcast but they have picked another of their favorite summer episodes "You Don't Know Squat" to reboot for your listening pleasure!

This is the last of our mini Summer series friends of the podcast! Sam breaks the news to Lisa...there will be no Pot for her birthday but they have a business idea for Sam's mom! Potcakes anyone?! They explore the world of cupcakes via Crave in Saskatoon and commit a crime while eating them. No worries it's just a parking ticket but that makes them wonder were does that money go? The ladies get competitive with an 80's trivia game hosted by their friend John from the Brand X Podcast. Apparently, he was unbiased but you be the judge! They realize they are both bad losers and gloaty winners! We learn from the 80's that Lisa had a thing for Ronald Reagan and Sam had a hairspray addiction!

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