Really 2020!!


Lisa is causing trouble again with the whole six second rule. John pops in and mansplains the six second rule. Sam breaks it up with a shut the f%$@ up Lisa! It was Sam's birthday over the weekend and she got lots of well wishes but no present from my supposed BFF! Lisa has a bad reputation according to John and he wonders if you can return a friendship. Lisa announces a new item at the fake Boom Baby Bakery & Cafe it's a mizza! A english muffin pizza! Lisa thinks it will start to trend, in her mind maybe. We went out for Sam's birthday with The HHG and it was fun but a random stranger walked away with our leftovers! Dude have you heard of COVID! Sam thinks she had more people wish her a happy birthday than when Lisa had her birthday post. Oprah is cold calling voters in Texas and she's pretty good at it! Lisa speaks to the supreme court justice nominations and wants Americans to vote! She asks if Sam took advantage of Amazon Prime days and is it time to kick slurpees to the curb? Apparently carving pineapples instead of pumpkins is a thing of which Sam is very against! They missed National Angel Food cake day on October 10th. Again! Lisa is wondering if people are really as horrible as they seem to be on twitter. John says, yes they are! Such a great response again for our Tuesday FB post!! Consensus is Mountain Dew and Lipton Icetea are outta here!! They are adding in Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton to the squad and putting the Queen and Anne Murray as honorary members. Lisa starts to ramble about a Canadian classic The Littlest Hobo, John Lennon, Humpty Dumpty, Lego, the Hairy Venonous Caterpillar, the murder hornets (we call them bees sorry!), Buffalo Bills house, Rob Lowe, new mayo, crab cakes, department store cafeterias, new KFC sauce, McDonald's spicy nuggets, M&M flavored Coffee Mate, Canadian Family Feud, women are better with masks, Demi Lovato, sweet potatoes, last meals, BBQ grills and dinosaurs! The ladies discuss surviving an alien invasion and come to the conclusion if Sam can't get rid of the aliens no one can! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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