Problems Out Of Problems?


Sam was getting her exercise hop walking and for her efforts she got a boot instead of a cast! New cast, new you! Not to be left out, Lisa is new food, new season!! She is amping up her food game and bringing back spring and summer foods now!! Sam has become Ross Matthews fashion adviser, in her mind! There's a full house at the HHG's and she let Lisa know that Kelly and Ryan are ripping off our content again!! Hey, guys mention us on your show already!! Someone, somewhere named Prince William the sexiest bald man and people are up in arms! Lisa is sticking with the Prince, of course! Mother nature hoisted upon us a sprinter (aka a spring snow storm) and the ladies are like Sask-a-what?! Chef Lisa gets asked a baking question and the conversation flows to the pool noodle inventor, Pepsi and Peeps, FB Tuesday, past lives, house temperatures, package instructions, the final eight and the Blue Jays, Guy Fieri's BBQ sauce, John Denver, Lady Marmalade, adorable dog or beautiful cat, Beer seltzer, Lisa's question corner, fogo...have we made a problem out of a problem(?), Lisa's new snack, Chopped 240, Wild Wings commercial, Woody Allen, the Suez Canal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch coffee mate, coffee news and thing's Lisa oughta know! Their I shake my heads are always a bit weird and insightful! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh

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