Prepared By Others!


Big reveal this week on the podcast! Sam and Lisa admit to liking all things being prepared by others! This is more of a shock coming from Chef Lisa who swears she can cook....hmmm really? She feels the need to paint the picture of Sam's new glasses. The reviews are mixed, right Lisa and John? Listener's are advised to Google Harry Carey! Lisa was clothing shamed while out with the HHG last week and Sam is refusing to pay Lisa money for dud lotto tickets she didn't even know about! Lisa has discovered that she has fat elbows or felbows! She's old! Sam got her grade 10 eyebrows back and Lisa is confused like usual! Sam does her best to explain but hi it's Lisa. Mike almost involved Lisa in a pigeon hit and run on the way to work and then ‘accidently’ tries to suffocate her with Cinnapoo! The ladies get on a roll chatting about bland watermelon, Lisa the gardener, nighttime cereal(?), expired veggies, the Noom saga, icky food, FB Tuesday, no more sundae bar, Friends reunion, Piers Morgan's unsolicited opinion, new Crave binge alert, puffy or sweaty, the Cadbury secret, Lisa's question corner, Captain Stubing, insects and kids, Kate M. & mom jeans, side part and bangs, Costco samples, food trucks and buffets and things Lisa should know! The I shake my heads are personal takes on insects and online shopping! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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