Oops We Did It Again…


One would think that Lisa and I would be better at this recording thing but unfortunately for John...nope! He can't even and because I changed up the look of our notes Lisa was led astray. The screw up is just one of a few that happen this episode; forgive us? Lisa is concerned no one is taking this virus seriously and Sam wonders if the public think its only affecting famous people. Some great things have come out of this situation, Dyson is making ventilators and so is someone with a 3D printer! Sam brings up Harry and Meghan and Lisa is not interested but does think Rosie had a right to money shame the Fosters. Lisa has brought Dolly Parton into the squad and Sam is down with that! The chatter gets going with talk of scrabble go, postponing Easter, tye dye, talk shows, soaps, the Good Doctor finale, puzzles, Wrestle Mania, Spring/Summer foods, April Fools, fast food cravings, Joe Exotic, sports bras, and Ice cream. If the world ends Lisa would have items left in her cupboard but not me! It's a longer than normal podcast but we hope it makes you laugh!

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