One And Done!


How you quarantining friends of the podcast? We are seeing (via the internet) more of each other in isolation than pre-isolation! Crazy! Sam finally watched the @home version of Wendy it was disappointing but Kelly and Ryan are pulling it off. Lisa admitted to having a cold heart when it came to the final episode of Schitt's Creek too bad it was truly a 'happy ending'. Lisa went on about Wrestlemania and Sam understood zero of what she was saying. Lisa enjoyed the Monday FB post of Ian Garten with a gigantic drink which somehow led to a conversation about cheese strings as a craft. Huh!? She is feeling the need to make bread aka pizza crust but I reminder her no one would it eat it because she is a face toucher from way back! This somehow launches us into a conversation about how she reuses her kleenex too many times and that Mike is constantly reminding her its 'one and done' Lisa. We move on to more important things like Bill Gates, pandemic decision making, Bernie Sanders, Rachel Ray, Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, naps, moldy cheese, Celebrity IOU, pigeons, Khloe K., Whitney, Jane Fonda on tik tok, condoms, live streaming religion and yes the Tooth Fairy and Easter bunny are essential! Are there pros and cons to isolation? Lisa has only pros while I see it a bit differently...of course! It's a bit of ridiculous but it might just make you laugh!  

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