On Location!


Okay, friends of the podcast, the audio may be a bit off because it got really cold and the ladies took shelter in the HHG's basement!!  Yes, Lisa and Sam are on location for the first time! It causes Lisa some angst but Sam is rolling with the punches!  They start off wondering if the Royals should be driving themselves after the accident and if self-driving cars might be a good idea!  So much is discussed from Oscar Meyer hotdogs, horrible childhood dinners,  IHOP, the HHG hotboxing and Shake and Bake the lemon pepper edition!  Lisa and Sam got to peer into the cabinets of their listeners and oh the things they found!! They have so many questions after inspecting the pictures!  What is up with the shower jelly, wine glasses by the Zzzquil, shower mousse and is that a pregnancy test or a thermometer?  So much fun!

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