Not Everyone Loves You!


Why do we use the phrase 'hump day' to describe Wednesday? Lisa isn't a fan of the word and doesn't really like the phrase 'dry hump' either. She doesn't care to know what it means but hey if you know it, share it!  We start to argue about wearing SPF and Lisa's ability to be sun smart, ever! We know we can annoy people sometimes because we sing too much, discuss our hair too much but sorry not sorry! Lisa has kicked Songland to the curb and Sam surprises her with news of a new all royal TV channel. She wants it as a birthday present but that ain't happening! Poor Arlene Dickson is Lisa's newest obsession...ooops sorry new potential squad member. Lisa has issues with Carolyn saying 2020 is peanut Butter and jam and frankly what is up with that! She then harps about her buddies shortening her name to Lis. Sorry Lis...haha! We are happy about the vote to put through the LGBT no work discrimination passed and that Nickelodeon confirmed SpongeBob was part of the LGBTQ community. We discuss Lisa's new love of fuzzy peach candy, what's our go to candy, bringing back a winter food, shapeless dresses, your two favorite sandwiches, the HHG and the sleepover kids, what four things that we would grow in a garden(sparks a debate!), growing weed, Olivia Newton John, Bandaids, Walmart, the Oscars, aliens, fancy watermelon, weird Kit Kat flavours, wooden spoons, arson, free Popeyes, new Pringles and our Wal-Mart shopping excursion! Between the two of us we have seen some pretty great concerts but the ones we have yet to see could be even better!! Duran Duran we're coming for ya! It's a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!


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