Next Stop…Space!


The ladies have roped John in to helping them record cause Lisa is under tbe weather. Sam jokes that its the 'corona' but its not Lisa had skin graft surgery a few days before and the show must go on! Daylight savings time has helped out TV watching for the ladies but messed up when Sam talks to John! Ugh!! Lisa hates change and feels the girl guide cookies she got last year were less lardy?! She is loving the cookie idea and asks what are Sam's top three cookies. Sam's last choice makes her wonder if she isn't a Gibson! There is a true story alert from Lisa that has her boasting about her cooking skills, again! Sam isn't sure how talking about the Sister Wives and the Duggers leads Lisa to think about space. She thinks the international space station is a hotel for astronauts. Yup, she doesn't get it and a bizarre conversation ensues. Sam eventually steers Lisa to chat about shrimp, pasta with the HHG, expandable zippers, wheelchairs and Mike, Easter Advent calendars, Dolly Patron, Wendy Williams, Krispy Kremes, Irish Stew, pickle trays, sea salt, instant coffee, T. Swift, Katy Perry and expensive weddings! Sam realizes as they talk about hoarding points how many cards she has and Lisa has none! What's a girl to do! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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