MY Spirit Animal?


When you go to your hairdresser do you get a long cut? No? Lisa does and she is wondering why no one noticed her new long cut with bangs! The delusion is real folks! However, the bigger revelation is that the ladies discover their spirit animals! Lisa thinks Sam would make the perfect snail! She is sluggish, doesn't like to leave her snug house and moves at her own pace! Sam casts Lisa as a chatty bird and they both agree, she's a parrot!! Sam voices her opinion about the Kelly and Ryan reruns! Yes, we too did a best of show but still 15 minutes of new then 45 minutes of old seems unnecessary? Just do a full on rerun people! Lisa claims to be the reigning champion of the best 5 minute rice cause she's got a twist that puts it over the edge! Lisa is obsessed with her dislike of all things pumpkin spice and sees it everywhere now. The ladies keep laughing and chatting about Shauna's love of cheetos Mac & Cheese, a zipper sweater or a squaket, cold weather blues, casino night, Lisa on a DIY show, your ideal sub, FB Tuesday, candy floss flavoured Captain Crunch, fall foods cometh, useful inventions, the HHG and the needles, Jurassic themed corn maze, Lisa's question corner, Bold & Bossy race horse, Charlie Watts, Pauline Ehle, pigeons to the south and things Lisa oughta know! The I shake my heads are environmental and personal in nature. It's a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh

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