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Right off the hop Sam tries to solicit some sympathy from the friends of the podcast and Lisa puts a stop to that!! Lisa of course asks the most important question, panties off or on for surgery and was it maintained. She asks the same question about the TV show Men in Kilts! That girl has a one track mind! As Lisa was laying on the magic couch the other night she was in concert again but this time with the Carpenters!! Belted out the tunes, she did!! The ladies enjoy the no time change benefits of daylight savings time, TV times are better!! Jimmy Fallon is potentially creeping our FB page! He too talked about the weird new Heinz sauces Lisa discovered grocery shopping. Coincidence, they think not!! Lisa mentions Kelly's son Joaquin is going to Michigan and thinks she had a hand in that, nope not kidding! The ladies weigh in about how they feel about showing or shaving armpit hair, the Grammys were boring, the Boom Baby Bakery has been invited to a sandwich competition, what smells bring back memories of your youth, weighted hula hooping and what Saskatoon is famous for. Lisa shares her rage about passwords and unfortunately decides to share her favs with the rest of us! She just made some work for John!! This takes them into a strange conversation about reflective owls, Lisa's question corner, bad dog, Kermit, panning fir gold, windbreakers, cupcake cakes, UK Mothers Day, Peter Knight furniture, sauce season, FB Tuesday's, our girl JLO, classic gap hoodie, Dear the Pope, Bob Barker & Barbara Walters, Blissy pillowcase, Pi(e) day, the last 30 minutes of your work day, chip flavored crickets and things Lisa should know! The I shake my heads were all about dirty humans and remembering what it was like to walk stairs! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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