Let’s hear it for plastic!


Title: Let's hear it for plastic!

Blurb:  The dynamic duo is ready to chat but first Sam wants to 'talk turkey'. Lisa hates that saying!! Lisa shows off her fancy new fitbit that can do so many things, she thinks.  Sam shares that they are making a biopic and documentary of Wendy Williams life. Lisa and Mike have spent alot of time together and she just now is noticing his little quirks! The ladies are joined by editor John as they launch into discussions on shoe laces, fishing lessons, yoyo's, swarms of grasshoppers, the dark web, Amy Winehouse, wings and so much more! Lisa and Sam realize they are to lazy to properly recycle and don't believe in the "eliminate all plastic" concept. It's too much stuff to get rid of...water bottles, straws and bags oh my!

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