Let Me Train You!


Lisa asks if Sam has ever wanted a punching bag. This reveals a life long dream of Sam wanting to learn how to box or kick box. Lisa is all for it if she can train her cause she's watched all the Rocky’s! Sam isn't sure that's enough credentials to become her coach! The ladies talk about music lessons and disappointing music teachers everywhere. Lisa suggests doing a podcast all based on songs. The winds of change are blowing and there is not enough hair spray for Lisa. Sam is totally into the CSI reboot as she gets excited for fall tv. She says goodbye to the Chicago's which has Lisa wondering if they will ever be show compatible again! Lisa is excited for her one true team the Blue Jays but Sam wonders what's up with the SK Roughriders? Sam reveals her childhood dream of wanting to become a drummer! Cool, right! Not to be ‘out done, Lisa is adding renovations expert to her long list of fake skills! This comes after watching way too much HGTV over the weekend. Lisa Gibson design is open for business! The ladies wonder if new cars are making us lazy and from there they discuss, bedhead in public, Wendy has COVID-19, Starbucks with the nieces, FB Tuesday and Sam's apology to Laurie Gelman, Broadway is back, hot beverages on a plane, new ABBA, International Chocolate day, pretzel buns, mittens vs gloves, Lisa's question corner, Norm McDonald, favourite cookie, History of eating, temperamental bangs, fall clothes, marmalade vs jelly vs jam, and things Lisa oughta know! The I shake my heads question, driving abilities and grocery store experiences! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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