Let Me, Help You!


It might be a blustery, rainy night outside but Lisa and Sam are ready to give it our all!! Lisa gives an update on her underarm hair, Nair to the rescue! She gets a rude awakening from a fire alarm and is only concerned about not peeing her pants! Our girl Wendy Williams isn't feeling her best and is taking some much needed time off. Lisa gives Sam the gears because she can't recall who Eddie Haskel was on Leave it to Beaver. Sam DFC'd on that one! Kelly Rippa is getting talked about again and we will be having none of that! Buble is still under fire for a perceived wrong doing and Lisa needs Ellen to be nice. Her at home show is getting better which makes us realize we should have lent a hand to the TV hosts a long time ago! We have to share our knowledge with others for the greater good! #teachitout We roll into conversation about Bobby Flay, National Reeses Peanut Butter cup day, Arby's puzzles, the HHG and the birds, Shoppers, hair clips, social media pics, Mike's beauty routine, tie-dye, top sheets, the salad debate, homeschooling, Mama June, the Olsen Twins, Sara Paulson and the new Trikini trend! What is the new normal? We throw out a few ideas and realize this is getting real! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!


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