Just Call Me Dora!


Sam is singing in the opening again and tries to rename the podcast, Sam and Lisa! Lisa quickly reminds her of their discussion four years ago that had Lisa getting her way on a technicality! Sam was utterly disappointed when she realized they hadn't won the lotto! How would you spend your half of 70 million dollars? Would you strut like Lisa thinking she has already won! Sunday was a great day for Lisa. She got to go grocery shopping by herself and the bread touching got a little bit out of control. The ladies voice their thoughts on Kelly Ripa taking all Lisa's good guest ideas. She is taking it very personally! Lisa reveals that she doesn't mind watching the occasional Animal Planet show and could be Dora the Explorer! She believes she could successfully hunt an anaconda, not before it has her for dinner! The ladies sing Dolly's vaccine song and Sam wonders if Canada will get it's shit together about approving a new one shot vaccine by Johnson & Johnson. Sam breaks the bad news to Lisa the road trip with Shauna is cancelled. The Bachelorette pulled out of filming in Jasper, AB because Canada is too strict about COVID. Go figure! Things get rolling with discussions about Telemiracle, Oprah's interview, which luncheon meat are you, Lisa's question corner, The Food that built America, Jays preseason, Foster's baby boy, carbs, lifting lunch, Golden Globes, Lady Gaga's bulldogs, Fruit Loop pizza, FB Tuesday, Netflix show The Irregulars, Dr. Seuss, Pretty in Pink, classy grapefruit, The Duggars, Peanut Butter cups, mint, Dan Levy's act of kindness, a multi tasking surgeon and things Lisa oughta know! The I shake my heads are both weird and enlightening! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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