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*Disclaimer** Our audio sounds a bit off due to some recording issues but we hope that doesn't deter you from listening to it.**


Friends of the podcast this is such a great episode...I mean every episode is good right, but we are excited to bring to you the Dirty Hippie! Yes, she's back and as funny as ever!! Lisa and Sam first get a few things off our chests in regards to the upcoming lake trip. As usual we don't agree about when to leave and how long it should take to get there. Wish us luck! It's finally summer in Saskatoon and it's hot! Lisa asks pajamas on or pajamas off? Sam thinks that is too much information and Lisa makes an assumption. Her thoughts, naked is sticky! We talk about the late great Regis Philbin, Olivia De Havilland, signing up to be a donor, the Strahan, Sara and Keke show cancelled, new General Hospital episodes, HHG and the sleepover kids, slurpees, Fruit loop popsicles at 51, Martha Stewart's Martharita, snack and a drink and if 2020 was a drink what would it be. It's been too long since we have had this funny lady with us, it's the Dirty Hippie!! We get down and dirty right off the hop as she shares what Top n Tails' means and explains why we lovingly call her the Dirty Hippie. We shoot the shit and learn a lot of fun facts about each other. We laughed so hard our face hurt! We enjoyed our time with the Dirty Hippie. We hope you do too!


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