Jann Arden Stops By!


It's a big week for Lisa and Sam because Jann said yes!! Sam is so excited and starts singing but not to be outdone Lisa has to put her stamp on it! She did make Sam wear a ball cap so we could both look odd. Please God it's me Sam can you please make sure she gets her hair cut soon. This leads to a debate on the usefulness of 2in1 shampoo and conditioner. Let there be free will! Lisa isn't having her best week and the kick to the crotch is that General Hospital is over. Mike's beauty routine is expanding to gel and Lisa suspects a girlfriend, she's okay with it. Our girl Kelly Ripa is under attack again and we rise to her defense! We get rolling with gossipy chat about Whitney Way Thore, Toucan Sam, coffee pee, Boom Baby breakfast, You Gotta Eat Here, honey bear, Nutella Iced Coffee, Rob Ferguson, Brooklyn, Mrs. Jennifer, a new Lisa song, add-ons to the 'with hands' list, pineapple plants and turkey hotdogs. The best is yet to come because Jann Arden is on our podcast! First, Lisa revisits our attempt to find Jann in 2018 where Sam nearly froze, one of us does not remember this fondly. Jann pops in and we get to ask her questions about quarantining, Midi, treehouses, hot tubs, her favorite #2's, the second season of Jann and how she likes podcasting. We have a blast and we hope you do too! It's all a bit ridiculous but it might just make you laugh!

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