It’s Not A Clown Car!!


Sam starts off the episode declaring she's terrific and fantastic! Lisa reminds Sam she did say she was sooo pretty. It's unfortunate that it sounded insincere. LOL Lisa points out that Wednesday FB had her believing the McRib was back but she quickly realized they were playing the rumor game! A new segment is revealed called dirty bird! Yup, we are talking about Jeffery Toobin. He was caught pleasuring himself during a Zoom call. Ewwww!! John is helping us record so he flashes on the screen he is Toobining! LOL! The HHG has been shopping under the influence of her sleeping pill and binge eating Halloween candy again! Sam is happy to hear that Ryan Seacrest is okay though they thought Kelly was doing well on her own. Sharon Osbourne changed back to her red hair color!! Go Mrs. O! Lisa asks the all important question what takes you the longest in the morning? Sam responds with all the honesty she can muster. Lisa is over the moon that Anne Murray is releasing a new Christmas album! Here comes Christmas in Killarney again! Ugh!! So many concerns about cereal pouches, the moose on the loose, bad Dunkin donuts, and if we should go to the drive through haunted house! Tuesday's FB was off the hook again and as a group we kicked primavera and alfredo to the curb! Sam had to be the game police with a few friends of the podcast who wouldn't choose a pasta. You know who you are!! Stevie Nicks is popular again and joining Tik Tok. Sam is loving Miley Cyrus and no she doesn't want her in the squad. Tiffany Haddish is going to be a part time squad member. They get in deep discussing Gwen Stefani, Adele on SNL, TAB, Bonjour-Hi, soft pets, pet advent calendars, pet doors, best place to snooze, Mike's new phrase, Lisa's Clown car, National Dictionary day, smelly masks, fudge, The Con and Whoopi, Charlie Brown Holiday Specials, olives, questions Lisa needs to ask and she is needing panzarottis at the Boom Baby Bakery and Cafe! This leads them to talk about businesses that don't exist anymore. They realize technology is basically the killer of all social activities like renting movies, buying music, roller rinks and arcades! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might make you laugh!

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