It’s hot in heeere!!


Someone has gone in for some cosmetic touch-ups and it's not Lisa or Sam! Betty(Sam's car) is in the shop and the ladies are having to adjust to their new surroundings which means no AC cause it's too noisy! As the temperature rises in the car, Sam does her best to explain to Lisa what pastrami, bratwurst, and knockwurst are made of. The HHG got to hang out in an 80's bar and Lisa feels tiny houses are not inclusive. Things get rolling as they chat about Starbucks, Psalm West, Kate plus date, hands don't see, the dirty bus, the Quadfather, grilled onions and tell a Lisa! Sam reveals the top ten best jingles and Lisa shares why jingles are becoming extinct! Just when you thought there could be no more Lisa has a few more stories! It will have you shaking your head!

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