It‘s Undignified!


Lisa has put her foot down and declared burgers undignified! She sites unruly lettuce, slippery tomatoes and the drippy sauces as the culprits! Sam being Sam asks if a restaurant burger has too much stuff what does that mean for her beloved Big Mac, is it kicked to the curb? What do you think she said friends of the podcast? The ladies are saying goodbye to summer and saying hello to fall! Lisa's clown car celebrated it's first birthday and Sam was unimpressed with New Amsterdam's sex scenes. Someone (Lisa) was sent unsupervised to the grocery store and is now on a PIP. However, while at said grocery store she picked out something for herself, onions! Yup, she is an onion lover!! The chatter is non stop with tales of a night out with the HHG, the wine ladies t-shirt, hot chocolate not just for kids, Lisa's diet, stolen blueberries, best grilled cheese ever, FB Tuesday, bye summer fruit & hello baked apples, baseball uniforms, no style hair style, boots no boots, meatloaf with a twist, McPlant, Lisa's question corner, Dick Clark, first album you purchased, the magic couch, Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy, favourite Sesame Street character and things Lisa oughta know! The I shake my heads are personal and annoying! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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