It All Goes Back?


They're baaaacckkk!! Yes, Lisa and Sam survived their lake vacay! However, it almost derailed due to buns! How do buns ruin a vacation you ask! Well, if you're Lisa you reject the grocery store based on the due date of said buns and immediately put everything back and fake an emergency phone call to make it seem like we are needed elsewhere! She is very serious about the state of her buns! The alcohol wanted for the week almost turned out to be a bust until they discovered the kingsize Motts Clamato Caesar! Drinks prepared by others are the best! A can got cracked as they made their way to the lake! Welcome back to your teenage years ladies!! Things are coming together sorta until they witness a woman picking up roadkill, Sam breaks the Gibson coffee maker(and maybe the BBQ?), buns are due, Boston Pizza splurge, Lisa is the game champion, crocs, no hat no Hampton’s, Lisa's cooking show, FB tuesday x2, squad updates(we got a live one!), 1 pair of underwear, McDonald's had the just in training team working, Popeyes chicken nuggets, Family Game Night, smelly kids, Lisa's question corner,  Olympic rock climbing, men's armpit hair maintenance, the Andrews, Kathy Griffin and what did we do before bottled water! The I shake my heads are all about personal preferences and cheapskate tendencies! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh! 

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