Is This A Weed?


Sam confirms John held out and only just now ate his kryptonite, tapioca pudding. Sam's are swedish berries and for Lisa it's anything that will break her tongue! Yes, she got crazy with some dill pickles and cucumbers and vinegar. Dear garlic dill pickles, why did you break her cheek! Lisa discovered a new passion but when you can't tell a weed from a flower there are bound to be issues! Who knew weeding only once makes you an arborist! Pull from the root Lisa! The ladies were out and about last Friday and made friends with a young lady who wanted to hang with the Moms! LOL!! Sam agrees Walmart clothes are fine as she confesses to her recent purchase! The ladies get on a roll with chit chat about Tim's non summer donuts, weather apps, the tomato, cucumber and egg salad sandwich debate, weekend warrior, FB Tuesday, new boy/guy group, weeding with the Queen, 730am on a Sunday, fast food salads, weird phrases, paper clip or staple, Lisa's question corner, penis spaceships, crocs for dogs, FB brings back the McRib, kabobs are luxury meat, Herb Tarlek, creepy Michael Bolton and things Lisa needs to know! The I shake my heads are civic minded and self reflecting! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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