Is It The Full Moon??


Their bellies are full and Sam's patience is low! She is convinced that Lisa is being affected by the full moon and Friday the 13th!! Lisa thinks her cardio group is wary of her because she's too young! She feels snubbed because they didn't invite her to the Christmas party. FOMO!! They move past this and focus on the Golden Globe nominations. Go Meryl and JLO! There is so much to cover as they discuss RuPaul, weighted blankets, self heating lunch boxes, Christmas letters, Oreos, rink burgers, soup, bread bowls, Dollar store cards, Finland, Walmart sweaters, Toffifee, gingerbread and Hershey kisses! Sam starts off the game 2 Truths and a Lie. Lisa's truth sounded like a lie and Sam's truth sounded like a lie! So Sam is getting better at lying and Lisa sucks at telling the truth?! Either way fun was had and we hope you laughed along with us!
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