Is It A Casserole?


Sam reveals that one of them is wearing a bra and the other is not. Its braless Wednesday! Lisa fires back with are you commando? Sam won't admit anything but Lisa is full on pj mode and ready for sleep. Sam is overwhelmed with the kindness and support for Christa’s GoFund me page. So many friends of the podcast have helped out. Thank you for your generosity! They had a fun night out celebrating the HHGs birthday. Lisa tells the story of her famous cousin and the band 8 seconds! She is on a bit of an 80's kick as she reignites her love for INXS. There are conversations around tricks for looking younger, DWTS, Derek Hough, Dirty Dancing 2, Duggar sex tips, McDreamy, FB Tuesday, Jepoardy, Oprah and Barack, TSwift, Lisa's idea of what a casserole is, gum, funny names for rooms, cashews, Lays chips, craisins, The Crown, Baby Shark Christmas special, Christmas oranges, coca cola commercials, elf on the shelf, new M&M candies, Santa on 14 day lock down, Sam's Netflix recommendations and winter biking! To celebrate Movember the ladies alter egos Steve and John give us an update on what's been happening with them and Ricky Bobby too! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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