I’m A Donut Queen!


The first step is understanding who you are and fully embracing it! Hi my name is Lisa and I am a butteriner and talkoverer!! Sam has found a cute new song to make her smile. There is a weird german song trying to be the next Baby Shark song. Not likely!! Lisa wonders if Sam had nightmares after going through the haunted halloween drive thru. Lisa wasn't loving the abundance of clowns everywhere and Sam got one good scream out of the experience! The HHG joined us and brought some good treats!! Lisa declares that when the pandemic got you down you make lemonade! What?! Sam reports good news for Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton but Lisa wants nothing to do with it! Sam thinks just do it!! Big reveal of 2020 is...Lisa is a hypocrite because she loves the Drew Barrymore show! Lisa wants Hodas and Janns book, look at her wanting to read! Sam talks about Fleetwood Mac, Lisa wonders why we sleep in the dark, what is the point of reusable fast food containers, Wendy W might be slipping and the pandemic 20! Lisa wonders if Mike is trying to kill her by buying her favorite grocery store donuts. Do they think her diabetes is fake? Our FB Tuesday was off the rails again! Sam shouts out Christine O'Neil for backing up her love for a tootsie roll! The murder hornets are back in the news and making trouble for both the US and Canada! The Duggar girls are getting wild and crazy! That's what happens when you do a reality TV show folks! Lisa wants her own reality show based on her love of donuts called The Donut Queen! There's so much to talk about as they discuss Kim K, kid actors, Worcester sauce, The Queen, no pooping, Ton of Fun burger, obsessions, a Dolly Christmas, Oreo festive bark, lollipop or hard candy, frozen shoulder, dishes in the sink, Very Scary people, almond extract, bay leaves, highschool cafeteria food and picking your nose! Lisa and Sam reminisce about being their ten year old selves. It was all purple bikes with banana seats, bubble gum ice cream, going to a ball game with a stranger, collecting baseball cards and drinking lemon lime pop! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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