If You Dare!


Christmas is two sleeps away and Sam is counting down the minutes. Lisa's attention wanders to why don't we eat more nachos? So much talk about nachos and we aren't sure why. The ladies had a wild night out with the HHG. The wine was flowing, money was getting thrown around and the HHG was dancing in her seat! Lisa returned her new winter coat because really needs something between a med and large. What she needed was a 'mul' which is clothing in a half size. The ski hills are opening with lots of rules and yes Saskatchewan does have hills! Lisa has a new TV obsession; it's a spin off of the Silence of the Lambs called Clarice. Sounds scary! Sam is all over the new HGTV show Celebrity IOU but sometimes the Property Brothers are kind of annoying. The ladies get on a roll as they discuss The Masked Singer, the omni blade, hot water bottles, FB Tuesday, wind up alarm clocks, sprinkles, the youtube show Hot Ones and Lisa's need to be part of it, Cheetos cookbook, new Pepsi flavour, Christmas Eve appetizers, two turkeys, good dishes, cookie bar, bad kid, The Crown, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee biopic, Barbies, Dick Van Dyke, creole, DRIP, JLO, and Lisa contemplating an iPhone. As the pandemic continues on Zoom dinner parties have become a thing. Lisa and Sam weigh in about zoom etiquette and foods to not eat because they are too messy!! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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