I Might Be Vegan?


Lisa proclaims she's a vegan after eating vegan popcorn. Sam challenges that proclamation with a deluge of questions which has Lisa on the defense! Apparently she isn't ready to go all in but believes she is still only six degrees from veganism. WTF!! The ladies are concerned about the odd weather that can only be expressed in song, sorry. Lisa has decided that she is over unforced walking and will now only do forced walking. Her examples of forced walking are, going to the stockroom, bathroom and grocery shopping. Sam does her best to understand but she really doesn't and you may not either! The conversation takes off with talk of bacon at the lake, John's baseball wager, Lisa and sweet potato pie, new yogurt and pudding, diet cranberry, Bill Gates, yoga with hens, Sarah Silverman and her butt, FB Tuesday, Boom Baby Bakery news, BBQ steak, breaking the boiled egg/yogurt diet, Knix period panties, salmon, Lisa's question corner, shoe shopping, Tiffany's, new DQ Blizzards, veggies in a can, sleeping past six, are we summer comfy and thing's Lisa oughta know! The I shake my heads have Lisa complaining and Sam reminiscing! It's just a bit of ridiculous chatter but it might just make you laugh!

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